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07/05/2021 19:47

Information about status of ICM 2021

The original date 5.-6.6.2021 is still valid, but final say has our government and its pandemic restrictions. Such restrictions are not only ones concerning the sports...
20/05/2020 19:45

8. International Combined Marathon will be held at 20.-21.6.2020

After some time deciding about its fate during these difficult times, the 8th International Combined Marathon will afterall be held at the original...
03/06/2016 01:30

ICM 2016 schedule

There we go again with slowly starting traditional tournament hosted by TJ MG Cheb. Date of ICM is set to 25th - 26th of June 2016, more information can be found here.
09/11/2014 22:48

Schedule and Einladung for ICM 2015

So it's official, the 3rd ICM 2015 has been moved from summer date to much earlier - middle of June. The big weekend is the 13th and 14th of June so mark it very...
02/10/2014 22:46

Results of ICM 2014

Results of ICM 2014
18/02/2014 11:01

Invitation (Einladung) for ICM 2014

Invitation in German is published: Einladung
05/10/2013 23:01

Schedule for ICM 2014

Schedule  for ICM 2014 is published.
26/07/2013 19:25

Invitation was updated

The invitation was updated to its final state. The most important changes are: Team competition was added - competition of three-member teams. Deadline for...
19/01/2013 01:42

Invitation and how to find us

Invitation is now available on the site for download and some more information about How to Get to Us has been added should you decide to participate ICM Cheb 2013. LT
25/12/2012 16:06

English version of the site is launched

The English mutation of the originally Czech site is now available. It's one of the important steps regarding the organization of the very first International Combined...

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