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In 2010 we celebrated 30 years from the foundation of the club. For the whole time the club has been lead by its chairman - František Nečekal Sr., who has been also a long-time official of the Czech Minigolf Federation, one of the oldest referees in country and tenacious minigolf promoter. Thanks to the success of our candidature as a organizer of Senior European Championship we could connect our 30th anniversary celebrations and it was one cheerful anniversary as our organizing effort was well received. During this more than 30 years we have also organized the Championship of the Czech Republic three times, last one in 2008 - moreover, this championship was often rated as the best in history by its participants.

Since 2006 the home to our club is the newly-built complex which is located near the dam Skalka. The construction of the complex was financed by the Town of Cheb, Karlovy Vary Region and EU funds. Beautiful surrounding scenery and tranquility of the place provide the tourist and local pepole pleasant environment for relaxation and active rest. Very popular are tournaments for the public, which take place every year. In a very short time, our club has become widely popular in our town and minigolf is gaining more popularity among the Cheb citizens thanks to this new minigolf complex.

We should mention the great sport achievements of the Cheb minigolf club. In the past, a few members qualified to join the Czech minigolf representation. From the current members these are: František Nečekal Jr., Marek Nečekal and Karina Dobrovolná. Other representative such as Petra Lisová - Vosmíková, Jana Dočkalová and Dana Dočkalová began their careers  in our club as well. The biggest achievement was reached by Karina Dobrovolná, who won a silver medal in female junior team competition and also won a bronze medal in the individual category. Nowadays we have two players in women senior representation - Dagmar Hirschmannová and Jana Nečekalová.

We have also been quite successful in team competitions. The year 1990 marked the start of the successful era for our junior team, when they reached the third place at the Championship of the Czech Republic. In season 1996/1997 the rejuvenated team became the winner of the highest domestic junior competition. But we still had to wait for bigger success in the category of adult teams untill the year 2008 when we finally managed to win the promotion to the 1st league of mixed teams (= second highest league in the Czech Republic). In that league, we have been successfully playing since then, finished second two times in a row and finally won that league in the last season (2011/2012) mostly thanks to the great finish at our home course. Huge contribution to all this team success have been made by recently the best club player - František Nečekal Jr., who won three out of four tournaments in Bohemia Tour series (simplified - it's second level tournaments in the country) during the year 2012.

We have always been glad to cooperate with minigolf clubs from Germany. In 1984 we established partnership relations with the German towns of Lichtenfels and Kelheim. This cooperation gave rise to club tournaments so-called Špáspokal. After a pause we revived this tradition with minigolfers from the German club MGC Ingolstadt. Recently both clubs have been hosting one Špáspokal a year (so two in total every year, like home-away). Our organized marathons have also been rising in popularity, so in the year 2013 we are organizing our very first official International Combined Marathon.

We are also proud of our significant achievement in an entirely special category - the minigolf cards. They are used as a personal and club presentation, it's a nice souvenir for competitors as well as collectors and they might even serve as a personal business card.


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