Information about status of ICM 2021

07/05/2021 19:47
The original date 5.-6.6.2021 is still valid, but final say has our government and its pandemic restrictions. Such restrictions are not only ones concerning the sports and gathering of people, but general services and accomodations too. We will be monitoring the current situation each and every day so that we can inform you about new updates as soon as possible, but also not too soon if not necessary. If the situation would require it, we will do everything in our power to...

8. International Combined Marathon will be held at 20.-21.6.2020

20/05/2020 19:45
After some time deciding about its fate during these difficult times, the 8th International Combined Marathon will afterall be held at the original date 20.-21.6.2020! We'll be happy to welcome everybody who can make it here and enjoy some quality time with us after a long minigolf break. To all others we wish a strong health and let's hope we'll be able to see each other next year!

ICM 2016 schedule

03/06/2016 01:30
There we go again with slowly starting traditional tournament hosted by TJ MG Cheb. Date of ICM is set to 25th - 26th of June 2016, more information can be found here.
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