8. International Combined Marathon will be held at 20.-21.6.2020

20/05/2020 19:45
After some time deciding about its fate during these difficult times, the 8th International Combined Marathon will afterall be held at the original date 20.-21.6.2020! We'll be happy to welcome everybody who can make it here and enjoy some quality time with us after a long minigolf break. To all others we wish a strong health and let's hope we'll be able to see each other next year!

ICM 2016 schedule

03/06/2016 01:30
There we go again with slowly starting traditional tournament hosted by TJ MG Cheb. Date of ICM is set to 25th - 26th of June 2016, more information can be found here.

Schedule and Einladung for ICM 2015

09/11/2014 22:48
So it's official, the 3rd ICM 2015 has been moved from summer date to much earlier - middle of June. The big weekend is the 13th and 14th of June so mark it very carefully ;-)   Schedule Einladung
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