The tradition of Špáspokal dates back to the year 1984, when we established a cross-border partnership with clubs from Lichtenfels and Kelheim. Even though this partnership didn't last till today, we managed to revive the tradition of Špáspokal after moving to the newly-built minigolf complex in 2006. We contacted the German club MGC Ingolstadt and it didn't take too much time and in the year 2007 we hosted the newly 'revived' Špáspokal when four members of MGC Ingolstadt arrived.

Collective photo from the first 'revived' Špáspokal (2007)


Since the year 2007 Špáspokal has been organized every year, and that's even twice a year since the gathering takes place in both towns - one is hosted in Cheb (on the concrete course) and the other one in Ingolstadt (eternit). Even tough it's been only five years since the 'first new' Špáspokal, couple of things has changed - now it's a gathering of exclusively TJ MG Cheb and MGC Ingolstadt players (first year couple minigolfers from other Czech clubs were invited), the sport part of Špáspokal has been simplified - first year we competed in three disciplines - minigolf, pétanque, bowling and again minigolf and it was a competition of pairs, than it was individuals (with categories) and teams in minigolf, pair in pétanque and also bowling, nowadays it's become only a team and individuals competition in minigolf and pair competition in pétanque. From the minigolf point of view it's worth mentioning that the home team has never been beaten by the away team even though the composition of the teams has been almost always different.

But the most important about Špáspokal is that the atmosphere of this event is always great, moreover, at almost every Špáspokal some novice participates so it's even possible to decrease the average age of the participants :-D



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TJ MG Cheb, z.s. Břehnická 19
350 02
+420 722 240 879

vždy od 1.dubna. - 30.září

Po - Pá :        14:00 - 20:00

So :                12:00 - 20:00

Ne a svátky : 13:00 - 20:00

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